• Anonymous

    If the thug ran out of bullets, then how can it be a “daring raid” by the Reccee?

  • Wanjohi

    Why was the suspect executed if he had been subdued? Where are human right organisations? The work of police is not to kill suspects who have run out of bullets, their work is to arrest and let Justice Mutunga do the rest. I stand for justice.

    • Al bashir

      The choice of words by many Kenyan journalists leaves a lot to be desired. This story is contradictory, he mentions that the thug was killed when he ran out of bullets, he later claims he was subdued then killed. Which is which? Also other media houses report the the GSU team involved is know a “Al-maaruf”. To my knowledge the Reece team is strictly resigned to the presidential and diplomatic guard and not law enforcement. Can this writer clarify some facts for us?

      • Brian

        The Reece team is specially trained company in GSU.  They still remain police officers who can be sent for any police assignments.

        • Kama

          Forgive me for saying this but I wish ur sister/mother wanjohi is shot by a thug and see if u will continue to reason like this! Nkt

    • KK

      Wanjohi, you are living with your head in the clouds! What justice did the thief show when he shot and killed the police officer and woman? It is people like you who, with their misplaced insistence on mollycoddling thugs, make Kenya unsafe! Kenya should go the Uganda way where M7 launched Operation Wembley and today, despite the gun culture in Kampala, you would have to be extremely daring or suicidal to pull stunts like Kenyan thieves.

  • Amazing that the Recce GSU elite unit used only 3 minutes to wipe out the Satanic thugs whereas ordinary police had struggled with them for five hours. This simply shows that our policemen are incompetent. They should be continually trained like the Recce unit to liberate Kenya from the grip of criminal gangs. Is the Police Commissioner paying attention?

  • Owende

    As for me I say justice was done on the spot. Bravo Police elites.

  • sisemikitu

    The scene reminded me of Dan Blocker, Michael London, John Wayne in those wild west movies from Hollywood like Bonanza!.
    Our police should pick a few tips from the SAS or the US Navy Seals who would have pulverized Osama and his kin by dropping a bunker blasting bomb on his aboard but instead surgically took him out and two other chaps.
    Why fire indiscriminately without knowing where the target is and whether he had taken any hostages? The policemen appeared pot bellied, disorganized and literally scared from the way they huddled behind the wall! There was no attack formation or leadership!

  • Anonymous

    @ Wanjohi,.si lazima utowe maoni ovyo ovyo,..

    • Erico

      @Kenatruth any “maoni” that is different from yours is given ovyo, ovyo? 

  • Anonymous

    We salute our Kenya Police force,kudos Recce Squad!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    ooh my estate buruburu …..indeed unbelievable

  • Hannah

    Your grammer is a bit wanting. 

  • A man who had killed an innocent lady is not a suspect,he,s outlight a criminal who was posted where he had long antispating to be.Thanks officers for good work.Wanjohi why do you need humanrights for thugs and u dont call for human rights when the innocent lady was killed by the same gung,What if the lady was mother of your children could u be still calling for humanrights.If you are not one of them do not sympathise with them.Parhaps u ve never encountered them.

  • Muhia268

    This is unbelievable! How can you ask why he was shot? How about the people he shot?? If you live by the bullet it is only fair you die by the bullet. To every action, there’s an opposite and equal reaction. Human rights should also come in for those who died from the robbers bullets. Let us get real here.

  • Maddgrassix

    shutting dead real testimonies of great help to us to fight crimes. We need confessions & testimonies to solve past crimes and would be crimes and capture more accomplices ie the police. I bet getting criminals alive crime rates will be lowered for instance the guy in this case was a coward and just by electrocuting his balls more more info would have come to light. I bet there’s no Kenyan who can deny a mutual connection between the criminals and our police. Can someone inform iteere few and few brained kenyans record statements at polic posts coz you’ll waste your time, lose some cash and in some cases become a legitimate target. There is a drop of crime in every policeman.

  • Anonymous

    those who kill by the gun deserve to die by the gun. Kudos to the police officers and wish quick recovery to the injured officer and my sincere condolences to the family of the lady and the other officer. He died a hero protecting his countrymen/ women.

  • Charlie

    they handed their victims instant terror! it was pay back time no one should cry for them! go ahead and get everyone especially their girlfriends as their families prepare to put them six feet under!

  • john

    to those of you saying that the thug shot dead the police officer and a lady, who has verified this? the bullet could have come from the cowardice oficers themselves. im not sympathetic to the dead thug after all he was carrying a killer weapon, but i am disgusted at the display of cowardice and incompetence by our police force. two thugs were already dead and asingle thug kept more than fifty officers busy for almost a whole day. the thief was sorrounded and had no where to run to so why the trigger happy show off.

  • Mazzdark

    The appearance of the ‘Recce Company’ officers in casual weekend outfit clearly indicates that Nairobi does not have any standby Special Tactics Policing team on duty to respond to armed perpetrators and hostage situations.

  • Munyic

    “In most of the robberies and attacks where they were involved, they always shot at their victims, we had hunted them down for quite sometime now and they always evaded the dragnet,” Kibuchi said.
    “We do not know their real identities but from the descriptions we have been getting and the nature of their operation, we believe this is the group that has been giving us problems here in the city,” the PPO said.

    Enough said.

  • Tornadomarine

    bernard, do you have details of the two thugs shot dead yesterday at ziwani estate in nairobi while others escaped ?