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  1. hujamboni mimi nataka kujilisha walle wakenya kwamba nani ame wateka wale wazungu? mimi nathani kuna ujanja ina endeleya hapo kati ya alshabab na kenya .kuna bathi ya inji zingine ina husika hayo vitendo. hawa wanataka wa chocheye kati ya kenya na somali .hawa indeye wanyewe wana husika kutuma watu ya kuteka wale wazungu etenge kenya na ebelekwe somali wanata katokeye shida kati ya somali na kenya .indeye kusudi yaw, thank you m,farah

    1. Farah or whatever you are, cut the bull. I for one will not sympathise with these terrorists namely Al Shabab. These psychos have no right to kidnap people, be they white, black, brown, yellow etc.
      I hope Kenyan forces bomb and mercilessly crush ALL and any sympathisers of Al Shabab. In a brief season we shall see who wears long pants in East Africa.
      “Fanya fujo uone”

      1. That Farah character is no doubt a terrorist sympathizer. Kenya should annex parts of Somalia and dish out the rest to Ethiopia and Uganda. If they cant govern themselves, we will!

  2. What a Mashujaa day present from our boys and girls in uniforms but the worst part is that Kenya does not have combat trained journalists like USA or Britain to bring us new as it unfolds. what a shame that we are depending on news from Reuters and AFP to feed our media houses on an issue that is happening in Kenya!   

    1. I thought Mwandawiro  the one who announces the jets Mach past was one. He should be tellling us on formations and maneuvers being deployed!!!

  3. This Farah guy if pureud can lead us to uneathing the whereabouts of the alshabab he seem very sympathetic to these thugs.

  4. Our army peeps have grown fat and lazy…atleast this is worthy exercise from the norm of dealing with shifters along garissa and marsabit..The US and Britain know that you cannot win any war against terror filled and driven militants who justify their acts on religious grounds! personally, Nairobi or Kenya in general is not safe at all; God loves us and that’s why we are still alive and praying for our brothers to come back home safely.

  5. Year Peter, What were they waiting for Tanzania to take Lungalunga or Indian Seychelles to claim Mombasa. Migingo, Toposa, Merrile and now alshabab. The boys from MAB Lanet, Navy and Isiolo base should all be doing something even if to secure boarders only to prevent this alshabab walking in and out as they wish.

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