• Astarwanie

    I think the government in showing there respect n appreciation to the late heroin they should name thika road ‘new mathai road’ and a scuplture of her should b place along that road.

  • Charlie

    No am tired of seeing sculptures, kwani zitakuwa ngapi, why dint she get an EGH , EBS OR SS THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH THE REST IS NONSENCE EVEN LOGGERS WERE CRYING DURING HER FUNERALS1

  • Karatasi tuikong

    Stop playing with us mr Kibaki. An icon? An icon worth what? An assistant Minister? That what you though Maathai was worth when she was an MP. Please stop playing with our minds. 
    You had no respect for her when she was alive now you praise her at any given opportunity. Hypocrite you are. OOooooooo