0 thoughts on “DI-MARIA-BURNLEY”

  1. What a story…it reveals the strength that is within each of us and with the right attitude we surely can overcome every situation. I only wish Minneh knew her strength early enough her daughter would have been saved. March on Minneh your mission is worth every effort

    1. Thanks.  My daughter died of a penicillin reaction.  She was never tested for HIV for the simple reason that even if we knew, there was nothing being done.  For that matter, we will never know and God’s plan is not man’s plan.  I appreciate your empathy.

  2. Thanks Njuki and Karongo for a job well done.  You really inspire to continue doing what I do.  Nicely done ladies. May God bless you mightly.

    1. Thanks Winnie.  Missed you.  I called and left a message on your cell.  I will NEVER forget Cathy.  May she rest in peace.  I love you.

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