• Mainalw

    Poor Mr. Wakahiu………we needy people of high Integrity to lead us.

  • sisemikitu

    Typical Kenyan – ‘Yote yawezekana?’


    surely this was to be another kivuitu tu but God has saved has let AKINA RUTO SEE a pure honest IEBC

  • heheee…enyewe that guy stirred the wrong mud. The chair told him “this panel feels you don’t meet the criteria….we cannot continue with this interview, you’re disqualified.”
    Pole kwake

  • Anonymous

    That is very good.So many people do that and escape with it. It is important for LSK, ICPAK, ICPSK, IEK and other professional bodies to be publishing the list of their members in our local dailies once in year so that these kind of people get to know that the information is in public domain.   

  • BodaBoda

    he he he!

  • Cherry Kiio

    Opportunist in day light drama live on telly…mtu mkubwa with ID pulling such a stunt!! or may be he thought he wouldn’t be shortlisted…

  • Gikundil

    Does that man have children? did he have to embarass himself on National TV and risk inviting ridicule on his children,spouse,mother et cetera? But again,may be the guy thought he was a member and just forgot to cross check.

  • Latonesha

    And who said they had doubts about Dr Ekuru’s panel? Washindwe kabisa!

  • Olonde


  • yangluc

    Am happy this guy was shown the door. How dare he lie like that. Good riddance sir!!!!!!

  • Kaundajoe

    Good job IEBC Panel!! Those fraudsters, cheats etc, have no place ……