• Paul

    Kibaki is a performer and we will miss him when He leaves the office.Thanks Mr. President.

  • Latonesha

    All said and done, Kibaki was no saint. He admitted making mistakes, disappointing many, but he  has had the honour of preparing himself and Kenyan citizens for his retirement. God Bless you Kibaki.

  • Turashaboy

    Very candid in his utterances. preparingus and himself for his exit. All presidential aspirants should heed his wise counsel about leadership being about serving the people and nation

  • Asante Baba Jimmy! Real gentleman ..we will miss you.

  • Vicky

    nyani haoni kundule..if i suppose i said it right… when kenya was burning in the last elections u did not quit and u were defiant. and u know deep down from your heart that u were not sworn in genuinely. so way say ledership comes from God. dont try to erase those memories away from us pretending to be  a saint. i am bitter up to this date. my aunt was murderd in Naivasha. i will never forgive this politicians….

    • Carry on at least you have one grudge to show on judgement day..tell the creator I hated them so much I just had to hold onto this one!