• Elijahnyangwara

    Well,we had gone to Uganda to earn some respect..and i bet we got it!

  • Exactly what is this man’s job? Gallivanting?

  • cpa

    Its best way to consult with agents at Hague, Washington, Paris,  etc etc.  When will stupid Kenyans learn?  If you think another person will win in 2012, you are cheating yourself – you should be prepared for an Ivory Coast type situation in Kenya.  And time and space are needed to prepare for that eventuality.  Kenyans are too naive and should wake up now and not wait for a rude shock.  It is now or never for someone and is ready to do anything to get to statehouse.

  • kmk

    How else will the west be able to strategise on how 2012 will be rigged?  Dont you want electronic voting which is much easier to rig – need just one computer technician? 

  • For a person who is an MP for one of the poorest parts of Kenya, Raila sure does waste a lot of time and tax payer money globe trotting. I mean, can’t he follow president Kibakis lead and fix things without waste or publicity? I shudder to think this man is running to be the president of Kenya. He might want to travel to space!