• Elijahnyangwara

    Prof.Fare thee well,You played your part.You foverever live in our hearts and minds

  • Charity dama

    RIP..wangari, u are a roll model to all ladies in east africa..shall live to follow your footsteps

  • F malinda

    RIP Wangari, you truly inspire us your legacy shall continue 

  • Francuso

    is the one unifying thing between Wangari Maathai and Steve Jobs? The
    Tree; though one was eating the fruit while the other was tendering the
    tree. (francuso, 2011)

  • Odiyo

    Surely, in order to continue Wangari’s legacy and important work, her ashes should not lay low in a corner at a university. Why not accord this woman the respect she deserves and bury her ashes at the FREEDOM CORNER IN UHURU PARK. I guess this is not the same as setting up a 60 storey building but she will forever stand up for humanity to be seen and felt in death

  • Esther Wairimu4

    may u hav the eternal life we loved u but our Father loved u more.r.i.p