• Aptbks

    Now you’ve got the opportunity. Take him head-on. Go for the jagular!

  • Vicky

    with his well known temper..i doubt if he can hold himself. the prosecutors can push u hard. if u dont have patient and cant contain yourself then he will sure have a hard time…the prosecutor likes it when one is angry¬† thats when they even push u harder until u spill the beans.going to be very interesting.lets wait and see.

  • Charlie

    Go brother go!!! put the prosecution to a corner!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geezeroinc

    jamba Go Go Go Put them to the corner

  • Wilkins

    Hmm….its going to be interesting to see how the Jamba will handle himself before ICC judge Ekaterina Trendafilova. I will even be more interesting to read the comments in such a blog on how the Jamba performed. Funny enough its the ICC judges who will have the final say. The post election violence happened in Kenya only that it is not our own people who are to blame such is the minds of many commentators.¬†

  • Funkdak

    m waiting to see how the prosecution will attempt to recover from Higgins sledge hammering of their flimsy case

  • mt kenya

    Give them your eloquence and inteligence and genuity and openness and leadership and truth and let them know that you are the president in waiting and therefore they dont drag forever. Go UHURU GO . U have already won…