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  1. Pay up Bwana for your future prospects..Debts will make the likes of Mutoka lose opportunity in this beloved country of ours..Remember to pay your taxes too. We all have dependants, getting late salaries or non at all and we are..

  2. IEBC team should comprise of people with high integrity and past good working records, the likes of Sharawe should be eliminated since he served in the past corrupt regime and recently in the defund Electoral and Boundary commission, we felt his nepotism and favourism in the quest to offer extra constituencies to home area.

  3. HELB may not be much but it sure is something worth surviving on while in university. It’s such “trivial ” issues that say alot about ourselves..and risk jeopardizing our credibility.

  4. I concur with Omar and think Sharawe shouldn’t  be cleared for the interview also. Other than his age and working with a corrupt regime; Sharawe is implicated in a number of corruption cases and has a number of pending court cases for the same. He is said to have acquired a number of prime plots via corrupt deals. Do away with him too. Thanks. Ali M; Mandera.

  5. The panel is doing a great job.
    Omar and Ahmed,
    Let the Panel do its work. If you have any specific information on any of the candidates, please be good citizens and share it with the panel. Otherwise don’t soil people’s names. Besides, they all needed clearance from the DPP which is a huge step forward. I doubt anyone with a court case would get that clearance.

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