• Steve

    While its true that ethnicity is a big challenge in Kenya and its politics, ethnicity remains an innocent word until it is politicised and mobilised largely for political and personal gains.We cannot change the ethnic communities and groups we were born, but we can change how we play,see, act, do and perceive politics. This is the challenge we all must take up, and media would play a major role in this as opinion shaper and mobiliser of ideas. Keep up! 

  • Emmanuel

    Steve, I couldn’t agree with you more. The media is playing a big part in fanning this politics of hatred. Why can’t we just give politics and politicians a black-out? Why does every news headline (both print and digital) start with politics? Why does out TV stations spend 3/4 of their broadcast time “politicking”? I am not entirely blaming the media but I believe they can help depoliticize Kenya. Well, they may be making great sales from politics but soon, we’ll be burning our neighbors and then there will be no one else to buy the newspapers.

    Just my thoughts…