• Kisaka

    Mass action is not the same as arson,those who burnt houses and killed let them pay the price and live Raila alone

    • Tchepkonga

      wat do u think that mass action leads to violence calling for mass action leads to that

      • Guest

        Aki please don’t embarrass yourself…Mass action is a HUMAN RIGHT, in every democratic country, Kenya is no exception. Or you don’t watch t.v? No pun…
        Mass action does not mean violence. Actually, meeting mass protests with violence, like what happened in Kenya, Libya, Egypt etc is the crime-not the mass action.

  • Bmuswa

    What kenyans leaders know best is blame game and dirty politics let justice prevail and the giulty or innocent will be determined.

  • Senoritadoroda

    No one not even the president himself knew who was in the list.Otherwise I can assure you that Muthaura would not have gone to Hague.Any way  that not withstanding .I think what amazes me more is the fact that the Hague has become the latest attraction site for this and more click on http://www.tusijisunde.com/2011/hague-the-latest-tourist-attraction-site/