• kdiff

    idps not yet settled

  • sam kim

    waititu what the hell does he think he is

  • James

    He is as stupid as never been known…he is after their votes not their well being he will never see my vote too bad that i voted him.

  • Rev.David Kashangaki csc

    Stop playing politics with people’s lives. Most of the people living in the slums should go back to the rural areas and utilize land that is available instead of living in the city like animals and being treated as such by politicians.

  • Leviwanjala

    The Man cannot bear to see his votes seeping away. Very selfish myopic view. He would rather lose a small percentage through fire than see the whole lot relocated. Clearly when he talks of the interest of the ” people”  he is talking of himself. He is the “people”. Can the real people wake up? They are also apparently hypnotized and duped by his tune.

    Until they wake up, they will continue dying while he gets fatter.

  • Joy

    I am sure Waititu lives in a safe place, no pipeline beneath his house, no leaking fuel, proper sanitation, running water… unlike the ‘incitees’
    Buyer Beware!

  • He has selfish interests rather than National or anything to do with this people, that is taking advantage of situations to advance your personal interests, as levi says unless the people themselves wake up, they will continue being misused. The other day the same Mheshimiwa was forcing his way to the airport to see Uhuru off to the Hague…………