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  1. Hon. Uhuru, Muthaura, Ali. will all come out of Hague in clean hand. They did nothing. I wish them all the best in there and above all have a peaceful journey to and from Hague.

  2. Where does Ocampo or Raila get into this? Some of us read too much politics into everything. I thought the ICC was a court of justice and the last i remember Ocampo is the prosecutor and Raila does not hold any position to influence anyone, he is a nobody before the ICC and we need not put a lot of importance where it is undeserved. The best thing to say is, let the court of justice do its work, someone will eventually come out victorious, be it Ocampo for the victims or the six Kenyans,justice would have been served.

  3. Hehehehe…And didn’t Ali say he’d do it all over again? Me thinks, he’s really regretting why he involved himself in ‘all that’-Oh yeah! They all thought they’d get away with it!!!
    Well, I never thought I’d see the day:-) Justice be our shield & defender!!!

  4. I hope our local television station will not waste valuable air time to televise the proceeding from Hague live. In any case we just need a summary in news time and yes there are more important national issues as opposed to suspects facing ICC Pre trial judges.

    1. Were these your sentiments when Ruto & co. were being covered? Let the t.v, radio, internet etc etc do their work, let them air everything, EVERYTHING! We don’t want to miss even a heart beat! But if you’ll not be comfortable watching history in the making-just stay away.

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