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VIDEO: Young fan falls whilst chasing Kenyans


FALL-MARATHONLONDON, July 27- An excited young fan fell over in front of millions of viewers while trying to run alongside his heroes at the Commonwealth Games women’s marathon race.

The boy was running on the pavement beside the leading Kenyan competitors in the in the streets of Glasgow.

But as the excitable youngster, who was wearing jeans and a green top rather than Lycra running gear has his short lived as he was sent tumbling to the ground.

The Kenyan duo – Flomena Cheyech Daniel and Caroline Kilel – did not notice the embarrassing stumble and continued through the streets of Glasgow.

The race was eventually won by Daniel, with her compatriot taking the silver medal, but there were no celebrations for their young fan, who onlookers said was taken away in tears.

James Frost, 45, who was at the race, said the child’s father had to pick him off the ground.

The IT worker added: “It was kind of funny as it happened; the kid was so excited when he ran with the Kenyans.

“But all of a sudden he was on the ground. I think he just tried to run too fast, his legs seemed to go from underneath him.

The runner’s did not seem to notice the boy’s tumble as his father came along to scoop him off the ground

Finley Stephens, 25, was watching the race on TV and added: ‘It was hilarious, but I can’t imagine how embarrassing it will be for him.

“Millions of people watching on TV, thousands at the race and he just stacked it. We laughed when we saw it, but I think afterwards we all just hope he is ok. Maybe running isn’t the career for him.”

Other viewers took to Twitter to talk about the incident.

Tom Lochrie tweeted: ‘Anyone else watching the marathon and see that kid fall over? I’m in tears.’

While Emma Farquharson added: ‘Anyone else just see that wee boy who was running next to the marathon runners fall hahahaha.’

Gaia Rita posted: ‘So who else saw that little boy fall flat on his face trying to run with the women in the marathon? #CommonwealthGames’.

-By Daily Mail