The International Colonial Court at it again,,,are the judges not ashamed that the bulk of their cases only involve African countries…you call it justice I hear you,,even Kapenguria six cases and that of Nelson Mandela was about “justice”

    • Oludavin

      Gathoni, u are ignorant of the ICC, stop talking gabbage here!

      • Daggiefresh

        Oludavin., i couldnt have said it better..,

        • Wekechris

          Oludavan, Daggiefresh & co.  Gathoni is right. Israel is killing Palestinians every other day, America Invaded Iraq and killed thousands of pple at the end of the killings they were unable to show us the weapons of Mass destruction, the most recent one is Syria,events there are not different from Libya but a warrant of Arrest already out for Gadaffi and not the President of Syria. ICC is very selective and biased.

          • True that! And I still await ICC indictments for Libyan REBELS for embarking on a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing against black Africans and ethnic black Libyans

          • Anon

            U.S. and Israel never signed the Rome Statute so they are not under the ICC’s jurisdiction. Besides, there is a VERY big difference between what the U.S. did in Iraq and what these Kenyan officials are being charged with. The U.S. overthrew an evil dictator (that slaughtered his own people) based on false intelligence, whereas some of these Kenyan officials orchestrated a rampage of criminals to murder innocent civilians in various parts of the country. Couple that with the fact that in the U.S. we are constantly holding our politicians feet to the fire. In Kenya, there is impunity. They NEED the ICC to finally feel a sense of justice.

            How can you compare Israel’s actions to these atrocities in Kenya too? Israel is constantly having to defend itself being surrounded by people that despire that nation.

      • Aptbks

        Its coz of the African stupidity that the ICC is a good dose for them.  I hope these arrogant 3 frys in their own stew.

  • Ahaji60

    Gathoni stop being tribal the court is fighting impunity in Africa.we know. who your. ihero is
    and he must answer to the honorable court.

    • Wekechris

      Impunity does not start and end with the leaders. it starts with the ordinary pple. Failing to to relocate from the pipeline in impunity, breaking traffic rules is impunity, so many of these small  wrong things that are done by ordinary persons amounts to impunity, will  ICC help us here?