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  1. How does this help Kenyans and the dead? If the Cabinet had declared that Sonko and Waititu be arrested for blocking Kanjo from doing their work that would have made some sense to me.

  2. What does one do in mourning when you know very well that,
    that is something that would have been prevented so long time ago?  Arrest Waititu and Sonko.  I found remarks by ‘Matter’ Hospital
    unwelcome “we took only 9 people for lack of space” Gikonyo

  3. Mourning will come and go, but without concrete solutions to the social vices, equiping medical facilities, among many, the same burning is bound to repeat.
    The least the government can do is take two days to clean Nairobi City Council and arrest the MPs who fanned civil disobedince.

  4. As time passes, the real story behind the fire emerges. This was caused by a leak in the pipeline-without tampering from the residents-it was gushing 10,000 litres of fuel per minute because the pipes are old, having passed the 30 year limit.
    KPC seems to have been, intentionally or otherwise, draining fuel into the river on a weekly basis-according to the residents the drainage is a weekly occurrence. MAJORITY of the deceased were indoors on that morning-asleep. Few braved the rain & cold weather to collect this fuel. What kind of country are we living in? Does KPC not care for Kenyans??? They were aware of the leak/s & sadly, the people would fetch this fuel-every week.I’m devastated by Kenyan behaviour…On the other hand, tank drivers intentionally ‘fall’ the tankers, to cover for fuel theft. They are doing this & endangering the lives of innocent people. This is the Kenya we’re living in…God help this country. We have to start being our brothers and sisters keepers!

    1. Anonymous, how ignorant. Majority of the deceased were in their homes i.e innocent, the reports say many were indoors because of the foul weather that morning. This story has been covered by so many media houses, print/electronic etc…Why don’t you get informed!!!

  5. It is also the responsibility of us Wananchi to take safety precautions rather than playing to the tunes of the so called our leaders we are moving from “Haki Yetu” to Jukumu Letu. BOAZ

  6. Things are very wrong here. The slum dwellers were ignorant therefore exposed themselves to the dangers. Despite their living in squalor they failed to heed eviction from the dangerous grounds, being led by the kings of slums seeking cheap votes namely Sonko and Waititu.
    Now, for a government talking about vision 2030 is just hilarious. The vision I have is a country of despot folks, more and upcoming slums, dirty cities (especially Nairobi-would never live there), corrupt cops, tribalists, and people who only steal resources from a helpless country. In other words, Kenya is crumbling because majority of its citizens have neglected “oiling” and taking care of engine, Kenya.
    It is written that Faith without works is dead, so is a country without people who genuinely care for it!

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