0 thoughts on “IDEYE-EAGLES”

  1. There seems to be a pre conceived an pre determined scheme by the so called ICC to make sure that some suspects get a conviction..even the ignorant an blind cannont fail to notice some curious Rulings emanating from the court…one is left wondering whether this is a legal or political court..

  2. This process is all but balderdash. A court system that allows and has already made up its mind on charges that do not even exist. Did the so=called PNU ask people to rape the children and women in Kisumu? Rubbish court

  3. why are africans and AU in particular watching Gaddafi to be killed by foreign dogs. just because these so called rich country that are lacking in resources have to use force to murder our leaders as we watch and then rape our resources. for how long is this nonsense going to be tolerated? our leaders murdered by outsiders

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