• A friend of Kenya

    We are praying for those who have suffered so terribly from this disaster.  The country of Kenya is filled with many wonderful people who will come through this with the strength and resilience that is so characteristic of them. 

  • Latonesha

    Pole sana. Politicians are partly to blame. When state agencies have requested relocation of people-either forcefully or voluntarily- away from vital installation sites, politicians always complain that their people are being harassed. Check out what the results are! Kibera is next in line, RAO take note!

  • Njore wa Miriru

    This tragedy reminds me of the infamous call by the former Makadara MP, Reuben Ndolo “mukiona hawo, weka tairi”.  Regrettably but not unexpectedly, his prophesy has come to pass. As the country mourns for the loss of over 100 lives today, let us take stock of our past and present mistakes and fix them now. Let us re-examine our character as a nation. Are we a country of killers? Statistics have it that since January 2011, over 2000 Kenyans have lost their lives through road accidents. In the last five years we have lost over 1000 Kenyans through fire tragedies. I am not sure how many Kenyans have died of hunger and brutal attacks. These are more deaths than what NATO forces allies have suffered in Afghanistan in the last nine years. Is Kenya at war with itself? Fellow compatriots, let us learn to do the right things in the right way.

  • Njorewamiriru

    It is high time Kenyan politicians stopped playing politics with our lives. The PM was quick to rush to the Sinai village yesterday following the fire disaster. I expected him to lead a similar delegation to Kibera to advise residents who have constructed illegal dwelling structures along the railway line to vacate them immediately. Another disaster in the offing! God forbid.

  • Anonymous

    we often need to make hard decisions. These people should have been moved a long time ago. But the problems is that politicians make decisions based on whether their actions will make them popular with the people. Some good decisions are not popular. Now, lives have been lost. then we turn around and ask for God’s help yet he had even given us brains to predict this disaster. I guess he wont even care to listen to us