• Ken Mwithi

    Really sad..God bless the people of Kenya.

  • Irungujmwangi

    bring it on man! we need to know what is happening?

  • Ggkomu

    Oh Oh … not another bad news

  • sarah

    Oh God not again! not again

  • Lavinek

    Its painfull. Its un-explainable. No one is ready to stomach such pain.
    God PLEASE help us.

  • Lmigot

    bad news for us

  • Fredrickgituthu

    there we go again, doing what we know best. *weeping*

  • Urbanusmuli

    pole guys for that its painfull

  • Mill kira

    May God rest their souls in peace..Thanks for the update Bernard.

  • Oh God pary for survivors!! what i this now!! too many deaths too many!!

  • R_kirika

    Too many fires of late…………..God help us…………….

  • Kinsteng2000

    Dooms day

  • Kiumbi

    Very fortunate incident.

    • Dominic

      Fortunate or unfortunate 

  • Njugunamary62

    Please update us. We have relatives living there!!!!!!!!

  • A.K

    Sad and painful… even worrying to hear looters running to scoop oil despite the danger…

  • A.K

    Sad and painful… even worrying to hear looters running to scoop oil despite the danger…

  • Sophia Mueni

    How many breadwinners, future leaders have we lost in that tragedy? I have also heard that Mater Hosp, the injured are being chased away to go to Kenyatta Hosp!!!! Really sad..

    • Dito

      Really sad, they should be assisted wherever they are….But Kenyatta has the best emergency response capabilities than any other hospital in the country…something a lot of people don’t know. Let’s hope for a quick recovery for the victims.

      • Sophia Mueni

        Mater Hosp is the nearest from the scene and Kenyatta far away from the scene..how many will die en-route to KNH?.i think these private hospitals should be handling emergencies like these and get paid by the govt later as a healthcare and emergency measure…an act by the govt should be passed for this to be possible..KNH still remains the best, that i agree with you…

        • Mqt

          the issue is not about the money but because mater hospital doesn’t have a specialized burn unit to cater for serious burn cases like the ones being witnessed here. kenyatta has the burn unit facility even though it is further from the scene. let’s not shame the private hospital for turning away cases they know they don’t have the capacity to handle.

          • Dito

            Yeah, it’s certainly a darned if you/darned if you don’t situation. Mater know they may not be able to handle this tragedy adequately-which may lead to loss of life or sever disability. On the other hand, KNH may be further, meaning there may be loss of life as well, but it can handle this emergency. I believe the medics wherever they are, are giving it their best!

  • Reuben muema

    It’s unfortunate!! my condolescences to the bereaved families!.

  • macharia

    Ooooooh my fellow Kenyan

  • Gmnzive

    Unfortunate. Kenyans need to learn how to learn.

  • dida

    so sad,we really need God’s kingdom asap.

  • guest

    even the learned Kenyans forget that fast.

  • Irene Apety

     pole for the lose my condolences to the bereaved souls

  • Njore wa Miriru

    Kenyans will hardly learn from their previous mistakes. We continue to repeat them with utter disregard of the potential danger and catastrophe. It is extremely sad to see the way we have lost so many lives through road accidents occasioned by speeding and reckless driving in the recent past to cap it all with such a massive loss of lives through this fire tragedy. This is a national disaster! Our police traffic department, the TLB, the ministry of transport and the public transport operators and owners have been a major let down.  The rest of us have not performed any better — we are all to blame. We shall bury these ones, forget about them and wait for another set of victims and the cycle continues. A sad scenario indeed!

  • Wamucii

    Will Kenyans learn the that petrol is live fire and does not forgive.  Siphoning oil is literally committing suicide. Prayers for the affected.

    • Dito

      Other news sources say it was an accidental fire, because of the slums close proximity to the fuel depot…Still siphoning can not be ruled out. But it seems, this was accidental.

  • Charlie

    Oh NO! to much for our beloved country!

  • Dito

    This is so sad, terrible. May God comfort the bereaved & the injured.


    too many people to loose…thanks 4 the update bernard

  • Dedekuria

    June 14 – Residents of Mukuru Sinai Slums have been given a two week
    notice to vacate land set aside for Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) and
    Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) The govt did nothing then…nkts!

  • Liz Chepkorir

    God help Kenya and pole for the loss of lives

  • Essykar

    So sooo sad condolences

  • Edwine

    This is sad and to those families who have been affected by this, Makiwa.

  • Christophermwendia


  • Isosam2003

    thi is unbelieveable

  • Wanderachel

    it was hunger now fire God help us

  • Dito

    Why would someone like this story? What’s to like???! I really fail to understand some things. SMH!

  • mkenyamzalendo


  • Rozelleh

    Oh God 102 dead very sad news. Praying 4 the survivors. God help us.

  • Kavoipaul

    So sad… 🙁

  • Bbatuga

    its sad

  • Shakazulu

    Why do we Kenyan Keep one calling Gods name for our own stupidity…..KPC should do regular works on there pipes and they should be sued for these deaths……the city council should take reponcibilty for poor planning and Kenyan musst learn reckleness costs lives and God has nothing to do with these!!!

    • Lucas

      I agree with you Shaka! On one level there is a Nairobi city council that does ZERO in almost everything. The officials clamor for jobs yet they are merely lazy to act on enforcing regulations, cleaning up filthy Nairobi, marking roads and so on.
      The other aspect are the slum dwellers who went to siphon fuel. How many deaths as a result of fuel robbery wll teach people self control and safety? This is not an act of God. These people were merely used by the devil to make fools of themselves and to certify their demise. Government and the public should step up RESPONSIBILTIES!

    • Samstar32

      You should not put blames to KPC,they have really tried their best to remove people from the pipeline by all means but in vain.We should blame our leaders for poor leadership.Wherever KPC and our police give people notice to move,they (leaders) always defend them.Do you remember once upon a time MP for Makadara tell people by saying “Hukiona hawa weka tyres“.Very sad indeed.

      Its a time we Kenyan should elect vision leaders,not leaders who mislead wanainchi to be alected again in paliament.To our brothers and sisters poleni sana.God give and He takes.

    • Dwat22

      KPC cannot be blamed for this tragedy. The slum dwellers found the pipeline there, KPC as i gather has previously tried to relocate them but all efforts have been futile. you do not expect to encroach on land you do not own and then claim compensation when disaster strikes. Huku sio States

  • Hongudi

    This another tragedy, its so sad to loose brothers and sisters so easily like that.

  • Frakaz


  • mimi

    pole Kenya…

  • mimi

    It was Zanzibar on sato where we lost over 200 Now kenya ….over 100

  • R Tumbo

    ooh lord forgive us and the save your kenyan people,its sad from hunger to fired, we need your grace God……

  • Kareud

    whaat!! oooh my God that a massacre by kpc…hague 

  • mimi

    This article was written in 2009 and nobody took interest
    The fire next time: Slum courts doom http://www.nation.co.ke/News/-/1056/523822/-/item/1/-/14jynbg/-/index.html

  • Dinmusau


  • Dinmusau

    The slum guys always try to be macho and they die in their macho-madness. Why puncture a pipe or else explain how the fuel several metres underground, came to the surface?

  • Mulejames

    very sad for kenyans pole sana sana

  • Joem276

    too sad!! sometimes am convinced hell is on earth

  • odm faithful

    Sorry to all affected,its very chilly n cold in Nairobi to crown it all with such news. Sorry to all n those affected

  • geoffrey

    it shame to kenyans esp our leaders poverty is the root course .should we continue paying for unknown servises in the name of taxes.

  • Kezia

    All these are signs of the end of the world poleni sana wakenya.

    • skeptical bystander

      anyone heard of the Darwin Awards?…those who rush to scoop spilt fuel deserve the award

  • Okoyerc22

    may GOD be with the affected!!!

  • Komoses

    So sad, Sincere condolences for the loss of our brothers and sisters. May their souls rest in peace. God protect Kenya.

  • George mutuma

    God have mercy upon our country

  • Job Owish

    I used to be a slum dweller and grew through tough life…I am now employed and have a small family. let me tell you, it’s not easy growing in poverty in a society where there are no jobs, poor health facilities, lack of clean amenities…life teaches you to become a hard hustler and only the smart pass these tests..mob psychology thrives well where there’s a need for something..be it justice, free food and today’s case..fuel which is a commodity that has high returns!! Pole to the bereaved..

    • Max Swaleh

      Login to CNN.com and read the comments posted on that site to rate your hearts and the hearts of the ones we call brothers on the side of the oceans.

  • Robanels

    So sad, for our children in future waiting to live.Please Kenyan, learn from the 2009 predicament.


    This is tragic for the country, people are desperate to siphon fuel because of poverty. The government of kenya should environment for investment to create employment, MPS TO PAY TAX

  • Mwangi

    This is sad. Sadly it is happening for the second time in a spam of one year though the earlier one went unnoticed as it was in a smaller magnitude. Am waiting to see KPC management comments on this tragic spill. Where is NEMA??  Am told that KPC have spillover pipes connected to sewerage distribution network that passes thru the slum…  and that IS THE CAUSE OF TODAYS ACCIDENT. Somebody must pay for this..



  • eddy

    so sad kenyans dying like chicken….Lord have mercy on this nation…

  • Andremuli

    Thumps Up CAPITAL FM for the information you are the only media house  who have an update on this.

  • amiro

    And in the evening, we shall see the area MP and his stupid goons jumping over gates and hitting walls with their bare fists in the name of solidarity. Those are the leaders we choose to show us the way…..


    This are sad news,mara accidents,sasa moto;Whats up with our country?Have we erred God? POLENI SANA WANANCHI

    • Baburua


  • Z Omar2

    Its so sad to see our country go down – the cost of living is so high, the matatu drivers drive like maniacs – people struggle for money hence they try to salvage fuel always and in the bargain they loose their lives – RAW DEAL WE KENYANS HAVE whilst our leaders enjoy the fruits!

    • its sad to see our country go up to frame again when we haven’t healed from  Chachagwan and Nakumatt  tragedies. what is saddening most, is that there are still  more tragedies waiting to happen (God forbid) with still more people living near pipe line carrying highly flammable fuel, down highly electric power line and a meter or less from railway line ironically government is unable to evict them but can demolish huge houses build along road maps and grabbed land. Lord have mercy

  • Shame on the Government, City Council and KPC!

  • Luciahshivanda


  • Otyguyz2000

    Hardship, thts why they will take chances with their precious lives.

  • chacha


  • Baijo

    Saddening! shocking!

  • Baijo

    Saddening! shocking!

  • Jm

    In order 2 learn hw 2 control urself in life. U need to first discover who u ar(self discovery). it takes time an effort & its life time.
    So that u wll nt b tempted an regret later.

  • Jm

    In order 2 learn hw 2 control urself in life. U need to first discover who u ar(self discovery). it takes time an effort & its life time.
    So that u wll nt b tempted an regret later.

  • George arende

    I get furious with such news that expose our leadership, institutions, competence and more so our ‘comfortable attitude’ as Kenyans. We should protest and protest for better services, facilities and respect for human life and dignity. clouds will soon settle and life will go back to normal with the same system, people and institution unshaken from disasters. Just last week we lost enough people on the road promises were mad not a single implemented. Sachengwan, we said never- the report is accumulating dust somewhere no one put responsible or answerable. I at times think we are in ‘wilderness’ similar to the children of Israel who had calamities and lacked leadership. stand-up and make your leader accountable at whatever level but that also begins with you…

  • Mr. Defence

    Why cant some of the victims be taken to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital?

  • Lugz

    Indeed, its sad and sorry state that people are dying due to negligence, poverty, illiteracy name it. Pertinent questions for the government: why are people running to siphon fuel? where are the pipelines and what are they doing there? who is responsible? how can we avert future calamities? We have what i would call a first aid government that swings into action after a calamity happens. Basically we run a government in a reaction mode and not a preventive mode.

  • janna

    Aki hii maisha ni hard sana thats why people are risking our goverment shold do something about it

  • Mwakheya


  • Goduori

    Our sincere condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones. May we learn from this and hope for a better tomorrow.

  • Jr

    Wooooi Jesu wa nazarethi…. we ask for your help wat has Kenya now turned be People burning like fire Wood? High food prices? Politicians awarding themselves pay increments? People Dieing in the North? Waaat has become of our beloved country!!

  • Lilwhizz85

    The price of fuel is ridiculous…… kerosene for Kes. 50 can’t reach half a soda bottle! To prepare 3 square meals a day is no joke for a slum dweller! The blood of these victims lies on the managers of this country since they never bother to cushion the vulnerable members of this society. Thank God the children were back to school….

    • Dito

      Some who died were children. They even mention a woman who died with her baby on her back…that’s so heartbreaking.

  • Jobo

    KPC should be resposable and have a detection leak system which protects the people near any pipeline at any cost.

  • Lawrence Banyoya

    oh my God! these accidents keep recurring to our horror!

  • Nimmo

    Sachang’wan is not in Western Kenya. I wonder whether not knowing some locations in Kenya makes one look cool. How do you miss that?

    • Mostmarc

      It is you who doesn’t know what you are arguing about, probably you are confusing Western Kenya with Western Province or is Sachangwan in eastern Kenya?

  • It is a sad day for Kenya, when this kind of thing happens. We send condolences to the bereaved families. 

  • Charles Waithaka

    These people were removed from the slum by CCN & KPC last year to avert a tragedy, they went to court under Katiba Mpya, got an injunction and re-built their cheap/free houses/hovels, right on top of the PIPE. Today, we lament, mourn and accuse government. Me thinks slum dwellers love cheap things, free housing! I feel for the departed but well, its time they started obeying by-laws for their own safety. The Africa loves free, easy and horrible life. You cannot build slums in some places in Nbi, CCN will demolish intantly but the slum dwellers have a “right” to do it on wayleaves for power lines, railway lines and oil pipelines as well as sewer lines. Before you accuse and shout at us who are government, ask yourself why people with college and uinversity education cannot obey the law even when its for their own safety??? This matatu culture will be the ban of our country, just like the rich, poor and everybody, slum dwellers MUST obey the law!

  • Jmuinde

    Lets not talk about blame game, we can’t afford to be  losing so many life’s of our fellow Kenya every day.From the food,Road accident, police shootings and fire just few to name,We all need to be realist, we don’t need to be told to dive safely, nor Not to kuchota Mafuta,We should not be blaming the slum dwellers at all,Whats makes them to stay their is cos of their income.They can’t afford a better living standard,Maisha yako na ya mwenzio ni Jukumu lako.

  • Isedorius Agola Ajiki

    My God what a tragedy again after  a ferry sank the other day in Zanzibar, God bless kenya. and may the souls of the departed rest in peace but again our disaster preparedness is wanting.

    Isedorius Agola

  • Mary_ngure

    Its so sad n pathetic.lemmi just pass mi condolence to all affected families.peace be with you.n to mi fellow kenyans,until when will u be able to learn?i wish i knew doesnt help.for God’s sake, wacheni tupate vichwa.

  • Thyhkamau

    Last month more than 100 Ugandans died from a landslide.Last week 163 people died in Zanzibar.Today more than 110 people have died in Nairobi.What is wrong with our institution of governance?How do you allow a faulty ferry to transport people?How do you allow citizens to build their houses just below the mountain hill that has loose soil?How to you allow Wananchi to build their shanties neighboring oil pipeline?The government of the 3 nations have 1 or 2 things in common. Governing laxity at the expense of political protections and bribery is making us loose SO MANY East Africans! We need to say NO to this

  • Johnmucoka

    Whoses’ the choice of life in the slum? Has it been their choice? Not at all i believe.Lets do all the fovours on them and we question ourselves later.

  • Joseph Kwimba.

    God have mercy. The public should be knowing the dangers involved after sachangwan fire tragedy.

    joseph kwimba,

  • A tragedy happens, everyone rushes to help and take the injured to the hospital, expecting the minute number of doctors to handle the situation. God help us. God help our doctors. Being under pressure to save lives on a daily basis is not an easy task. No pun intended but while we sympathise with the injured and their families, we should also remember the tireless efforts doctors are putting to save those lives. What is their reward? These situations keep happening not because the guys at the slums are stupid, life circumstances force people to utilize every available opportunity to put food on the table, even if it means putting your life on the line for your kids to sleep witl a stomach remedied from hunger. God help us all

  • turatsinze bright

    POLICE SHOULD ALWAYS BE aleart of such insdences ,they are trained to save people not to see them die.

  • Agnes ndinda

    Agnes Ndinda

    I don’t know the kind of tragedy that will teach Kenyans a lesson not to siphon oil i haven’t eared of another African country with such tragedies.I think we should now put institutions to educate people on their safety and also the government should try to lower the cost of living because it has really gone high i think it is the reason why this people are trying to siphon the oil to make an extra shilling.Hope it won’t happen again.

  • all my pain to the beloved Kenya, to the victims of a unright cruel system that forced poor people to risk the life for surviving …! !! marlene 

  • Saliamotaiwa

    kenyans are never going to learn……pity- so since they will always endanger their lives every opportunity they have to pocket some money,…..the government has to work on reducing the opportunities……in other words,minimize the number of tanker accidents and leakages…