• Death has robbed the people of Ugenya of a very generous man. Jo Ugenya used to say that “ka bishop ok wuogie gi dhok nono!”. This is a sad day for the family of the late former minister, Archbishop Stephen Aloyce Ondiek. My condolences goes to the entire family and the people of Ugenya for the sudden death of Archbishop Ondiek. It’s just recently that I bumped on the bishop at the Kisii Nakummat. We had a good chat with him and he never appeared to me like someone who would be dying soon. Archbishop Ondiek has been my long time friend. I remember him inviting me to create time and visit one of his pet projects in Kisii (Savannah Hotel). I did promise that I would return some day and get enough time to explore other things together. Archbishop Ondiek will be remembered as a very development conscious individual. Ondiek is among some of the leading lights in business in Nyanza.

    • Anantpanchmatua

      A prominent personality. I had a very big liking for him.

  • Bonfaceangaga

    jo ugenya kager
    atimo mos kuom wito wuodu bishop stephen [email protected] philip orega kanyalaro chairman mar sifuyo ratado