• Owende

    The portrait picture depicted in this article speaks lots! There is this girl in primary school, this girl in secondary school, this Kenyan girl in tertiary college and university. The girl is not represented yet you talk of 15 years celebration? Please be sensitive at this because it helps mold the girl child way of thinking. Please plant the “I can do it” attitude” on the girls’ way of thinking whenever you are celebrating your successes. That is my take. 

  • we love you CAPITAL FM and the Staff Presenters….We love you…

  • I love Capital FM especially after the hour. 

  • Dito

    I LOVE  capital, I have been listening since 1996… I remember those 1st days-Siiiigh! And Phil would always pick calls from a guy called Yohanna, like everyday!!! But truth be told, I loved capital more then than I do now…All the same, Capital you rock!
    *A little correction though, Kalekye came after Leo & Marcus…I remember the radio auditions & the 2 were behind the new presenter search which Kalekye won. May you have many more Capital:-)

    • Dito

      And by the way, Eve was there since the days of Jo Thoenes & Jimmi gathu….Just giving credit where it’s due!

  • Jane Kirigo

    God Bless you as you continue rocking us to more than 20 years…please maintain consistency on your shows and the presenters..the brand has been consistently flying high so keep up the good work.

  • Hongera!

  • Timo

    hope you will start being impartial in your reporting and being balanced not anti raila that sound to be your new title

  • Wilfred Odero

    Capital fm remains the best radio station. Thanks for being the cutting edge of the media professionalism in Kenya. The presenters and the team behind the show, the likes of Nana, Hongera sana. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Benhack02

    Laura your article is great, however I feel you’ve forgotten the people who make some of us listen and or read Capitalfm; News Reporters. They are pacesetters, Laban Wanambisi, Sarah Wambui, Bernard Momanyi,… the list is long not forgetting the new addition of camera operators. Make an addendum or do another article altogether for the people who have brought the true meaning of digital and convergence in the Kenyan media.

  • dkaran

    hey here’s a brain racking query, what was the name of the lady presenter on the fuse rock show sometime in 2006 or 2007 who later did some jon stewart – type of news satire show i think on ntv. help somebody, my memory is playing me false