• Ramawetu

    The witness at the Hague, Mr. Kosgey lives in a fools paradise. How can he claim Kalenjins don’t take oaths and yet it was so clear that the S.L.D.F. were taking oaths, yet most if not all of them were kalenjins? He farther claims Mr. Sang never used coded language, does he think only kalenjins can grasp hidden meanings in their language? Oh please Mr. Kosgey don’t take our intelligence for a ride!

  • Silverbullet1000

    SDLF are not kalenjin…..they are LUO……cant believe you are that ignorant.people of south sudan areof Luo origin.Lets stick to facts please and lets not let affiliations affect our perceptions.So far this case is going well.I personally believe the prosecution may have more factual eveidence but has decided that it is not necessary fis stage since the judge said at the beggining that the confirmation hearing is not a trial.But as far as oathing is concerned,the defence are spot on-kalenjins do not do it.

    •  In your rush to dismiss Ramawetu you came out looking like a retard . SLDF stands for  Sabaot Land Defence Force and Sabaot is a sub tribe of the Kalenjin and the leader was Wycliffe Matwakei Komol. So how do you counter those facts.

      • Silverbullet1000

        Still , I know for a fact kalenjins do not take oaths.As i said earlier unless the prosecutor knows something we do not know especially about the procedures and evidence threshold for confirmation hearings then this case is dead.I just hope a way will be found to deliver justice for PEV victims but so far this one looks like a journey that has come to an end.

        • Brenda Mbeya

          And you went ahead and displayed extreme ignorance????

          • Silverbullet1000

            lets agree to disagree….you are entitled to your opinion,so am I.The difference between you and me is that you seem to be partial, whereas am not i do not care less if the Ocampo 6 are found guilty.My observations have been purely on the flimsiness of the prosecution case.But i have been careful enough to sugest that infact we are assuming the prosecutions case is flimsy due to our lack of understanding of the ICC operations and evidence threshold for confirmation hearing.You ask me what i will do if the charges are confirmed.The thing is i expected the charges to be confirmed.I expected Ocampos evidence to include video clips,phone call recordings,transcripts,sms records, bank statements etc.I have not seen any of that and so am surprised but iam still willing to give Ocampo the benefit of the doubt.

        • Brenda Mbeya

          Before Bishop Kosgey gave testimony ..He placed on hand on the bible and swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth……That’s an “oath” administered by a commisioner of oaths

        • Me Myself & I

          You are so determined to believe that the case is dead…You keep repeating that line over & over again. But pray I ask, what will you do when it’s confirmed? Let the Hague 6 fight their own battles!

    • Are you trying to group Sabaot and Luo together just because they are Nilotic? Let me tell you even that is not correct because the Luo are the River Lake Nilotes. In this regard the Sabaot, are closer to Kalenjin through language, culture and tradition. Paying attention in a GHC class is good my friend, please refer.

    • Brenda Mbeya

      “In your rush to dismiss Ramawetu you confirmed that you are a retard”

      • Silverbullet1000

        You are taking this case too personal.There is no need for that.

  • obare

    You actually live in fools paradise. Coded language? assuming that you know about this coded meaning, can you present your stupid behind to Hague as witness number 7, lastly, S.L.D.F had nothing to do with politics and that was after election. S.L.D.F were fighting for land in Chepyuk period. Trust me, those guys are coming home pretty soon. I know your wish but am sorry to let you know that is not going to work. please go tell what you know……hearsay……Lol

  • Mazzdark

    SilverBullet100, FYI the Kalenjin also originate in South Sudan