• John Barasa

    I thought that Kenya had changed for good. Why is this corrupt and arrogant minister still allowed to hold the office and worse still with the support of Raila. I am told that Raila is supporting Wetangula because the later has promised to help him fight Eugene Wamalwa in western Kenya. what a shame. what kind of reformer is Raila?

    • Vicky

      john barasa..who told u that its railas decision to put wetangula back….i neevr understand why railas name is drugged everywhere in ny issue. people are really trying to bring him down. stopp ur propagandas. as far as i know wetangula was a strong pnu member who never liked raila..now how is raila expalain his coming back to parliament. if he sacks wetangula now people will say his not the appointing authority.if hes back in parliament hes the one to explain why. consultations was done let kibaki also issue statement why hes back.tired of raila this,raila tht…tooo much.

    • Wambulwajo

      @ee5aec837dfb42b96eda23ab25a38fbc:disqus  yours are unsubstantiated romours. for your information it is these other luhya mps who are being used to fight themselves without knowing whom they are benefiting. how many ministers have ever been cleared of corruption before they were reappointed?

    • Latonesha

      By the way Barasa, FYI Eugene Wamalwa holds no sway in Western Province-he comes from Rift Valley.  Eugene’s influence in Western Province, especially larger Bungoma District is to say the least non-existence. RAO has better things to do then waste his time focusing on jokers like Eugene!

  • When they passed a vote of No confidence on Kimunya  and he was forced back on them as Minister, they did not raise any issue bacause he is a “member of their house”. And when Wetangula whom they only censured without a substantive motion is brought back, they are up in arms because he is not from their “house”. When Raila tries to suspend them- they say he is no appointing authority. When Kibaki drops them or appoint them- they want Raila to explain; WHAT A COUNTRY! A MOST TRIBAL COUNTRY! A COUNTRY OF IDIOTIC TRIBALISTS! A COUNTRY WHERE FOOLS THINK THEY ARE THE MOST CLEVER!

  • Amir Buleti

    its ridicules here tribalistic kenyas are,every will rise to defend people from their community.A Luo will always defend Raila,A Kikuyu will defend his kikiyu the sane with a luyha.When will we make strides and move ahead politically.a worried man.

  • mkenyamzalendo


  • Mazzdark

    The RH PM must not allow himself to be misused in this manner, the reappointment of Mr Wetangula is rightly the obligation of the PNU side of the Grand Coalition, and the PM DOES NOT dictate to the President who to appoint to his side of the Coalition Government, hence he has no business defending or explaining anything – MPS know this, unless, as they say “Mwenye Chuki Hakosi Sababu”

  • Luvinzuantoney

    even a 2 yr old knows that this oursis a coalition govt.kibaki appoints in consaltation with raila.they should both explain.

  • J. Miriti

    Idiots think that everybody around them are idiots exept themselves. Its a pity that myopics claim they see very well
    @ John Barasa, eti you were told !! by who, why were u told and for what ? What a naivety!!!!!! If RAO never asked anybody to assist him fight Mweii  Ombaki; and he won the Referendum 2005 and the Election 2007 and many more fights before and after; why does he need anybody, and  specifically, an economic saboteur to fight a no-starter/greenhorn  like EugeneWamalwa?  SHAME ON THEM ALL WHO DO NOT KNOW WHO RAO IS OR KNOW WHAT HE WILL BE COME 2012