• Ahmed A Shukri

    The cushitic people of Northern Kenya have been victimized by the government for a long time.  It is time we see some justice done on our behalf.  The cushitic people of Kenya are: The great and noble Borana,  Sincere and kind Gabra, the Justified Sakuye, Allah servants Garre people,  The pretty Degodia, the Royal Ajuran, The shifty Murulle and Kablahlah warrior the Ogaden.  The mother of all Oromos the Warday.  The warrior tribe of Rendille. these are the cushitic people of Kenya.  Samburu should desist in creating disharmony or will respond in Kind.  Trust it will take only a half a day to clean out the Samburu if they do not stop.  Today the Cushitic people are the most peaceful group of Kenya.   Stop walking in a snake pit.