• Dito

    So, the defence have chosen to tear into Ocampo’s witnesses. I like that strategy in comparison to having live witnesses. But there is a MAJOR problem here: The defence has not seen or heard what Ocampo’s ‘real’ evidence is. Only because there is a very low threshold for the quality of evidence required at this stage…I.e, It’s not a trial.
    Ocampo & co are not treating this as a trial so they may look like they’re out of their league-but is it a ploy? I think the ICC-Office of the Prosecutor, should not be under estimated. They wouldn’t bring fake, career witnesses on board-just study past ICC cases. Plus the judges analysed all evidence & material before it got to this stage asking for reviews to be done, several times. The witnesses as the defence have presented them, would not have made the cut.
    What am I saying? Something is not adding up, Ocampo is allowing them to think, for now, that they are ahead, THEN…
    Watch this space!

    • KND

      Dude…its you who is lost..this is ocampo’s best..this is the point that he proves if his charges hold any weight or are just bogus rumors..and the bright lawyers know this,thats why they are out to poke holes into his evidences for the cases to be dismissed…

      • Dito

        Chombopoa & KND.
        Have you done your research? or don’t you know that the pre-trial chamber’s threshold of evidence is lower than that of the trial court…check it up! It’s on the ICC website, Google it, do what you must to get informed. Therefore, it’s a lie that Ocampo will bring out his best at this point. Why do you think the panel of judges discouraged live witnesses at this stage, if they are meant to bring out their very best at this stage?…not to mean that they can’t, but they are not bound to. Think about it, what will they present should the case go to trial? Don’t be in denial, that’s what I’m saying! Plus the Defence is meant to poke holes into the OTP’s evidence-that’s expected.

        Have you ever watched (even the most basic) law programmes? Prosecutors thrive on catching one flat footed..the OTP is waiting for the opportune time-that’s my gut feeling. Ocampo even told the defence to save their ‘strongest evidence for the trial’ that means he has more/intense evidence….Anyway, let’s wait, watch & see.

    • Chombopoa

      THIS is an International Court. Confirmation of Charges is NOT a trial but meant to filter out sub-standard cases from going to trial. so the prosecutor has to ensure he brings just a sample of his best evidence for the charges to be confirmed. In any case even in full trial, he will still need to use the same evidence. So Ocampo is doomed.

  • Silverbullet1000

    This case is turning out to be very strange.Either Ocampo has more evidence and is just bidding his time for a latter stage to unleash it OR he doesnt in which case the credibility of the ICC will be severely damaged beyond repair.Worse of all the victims of PEV will have been let down big time.In as much as this is not a mini-trial i reckon it is not wise for Ocampo to allow the defence to tear down his witnesses like they have done so far.

  • Aptbks

    Ocampo is for lack of a better word, just FAKE. Nowonder I hear he has never won a case. Whats the ICC doing putting such a fellow in this position? For once i think this whole thing was a big joke.

    • Dito

      Haha! You heard wrong. He HAS won…It’s all available for you to check it up. I believe 2 individuals got something like 40 years.

    • Yegojulius

      Sure , the Guy is not smart

  • Ogluoch

    Ocampo wants to set example with Kenya but he is also outgoing prosecutor so he doesnt care much if he does investigation or not what he wants is to nail Kenya which is pity cz failure to prosecute real culpits clashes will just happen again infact when he said hes not looking for pple with political responsibility to the clashes i knew he has failed cz kenya politics determine who to be jailed,freed,price of products,dollar price and peace in the country,what i would plead for is kenyans to be united as they were during kenyans for kenya and the court to bring ocampo to do investigation afresh and KNHRC to stand for its goal and stop being used by politicians for their selfish gains since one day they will disband it when they dont need it.

  • Silverbullet1000

    Bihop Kosgey ( the witness) might just have tipped the balance towards the suspects.Honestly i reckon this case is doomed.I just wonder what the fall out of it will be.God help Kenya.

  • sam kim

    seems kenyans are quick to react than reasoning any person can foresee the problems with defense team they are not doing this fellows any good inconsistency in their witnesses trying to bring politics at this stage odm and raila politics are not doing them any favour they are going down the drain watch this space