• Dito

    Oraro, is quite the lawyer. I was very impressed…now that was up to international standards!!!

  • Lesson 1: Do not collect rag tag lawyers who have only appeared in corruption cases and send to the ICC- Use intelligent people, Obama type like Oraro.
    Lesson 2: Dont imagine politics at ICC.:Cool measured factual approach- the onagi way.
    Lesson 3: Chaiman is coming back unscathed.
    Lesson 4: Out of team of 7 Oraro leads the way and Ekaterina is bemused for first time.

    • Aptbks

      Stop your obsessions with everything ‘onagi’ and begin being objective for once. when will we ever learn to convince our minds and hearts that justice is all that matters here?

      • Dito

        What’s ‘Onagi’ If I may ask?

    • Mak_olocho

      lets have Kwach and Rachier to team up with Oraro, onagi very smart and soon chairman is coming home a free man.

  • Anonymous

    Kenya can  produce international class lawyers. Go Oraro go! Too bad if Ocampo fails because this will be triple loss for the PEV victims. They will have lost their kin and property, they will loose any hope for justice,  and if their reliance is in our current crop of leaders, they can wave their future good-bye. A wise man has said, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Outsourcing Justice is akin to outsourcing your conjugal rights. Kenyans can run fast, and hopefully learn faster. They said, “don’t be vague, go to Hague” But if Hague turn into a plague, will there be more Oraros who will rise up and be counted. Too bad that good help comes to those already with means. My prayer is that God will from the PEV victims, raise our heroes for tomorrow.

  • Edgems4

    Everybody missed this and i can guarantee Ocampo will tear this fellows into smitherens….First,this is pre-trial and you play cards to your chest……but before then,sample this stupidity from the said good ‘internal standard lawyer”

    “He wondered how Mr Kosgey could become a mastermind of a plan which had
    been operating since 2006 with a hierarchical order, carrying out
    meetings and collecting funds”.

    Which plan had been operating from 2006????…..Hmmmmmm!!

  • Jijazieni

    Guys, do not be vague, to early to shower Olara with praise. He was reading a statement prepared by seven lawyers, that is why the rest were siting there, they also deserve the credit.

    • Dito

      Of course it was group effort…But who delivered it? And in a very professional & eloquent manner? Oraro. Even they-the other lawyers-know why they chose him to be the lead counsel.

  • Disgusted

    I was seating there horrified watching Katwa Kigen rarua the Ocampo evidence, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that Ocampo will turn out to be a complete waste of time! This will turn out to be a cleansing ceremony whereby the suspects will be vindicated and come out cleaner than they went in. 

    Some clowns at KNHRC pretended to do investigations and passed on a report based on bar talk to another commission of lazy bones who didn’t have the time to validate who in turn passed it on to Ocampo who couldn’t care less to institute own investigations. The end result is a study in incompetence and plagiarism.

    Ati Ocampo is keeping the real stuff close to the chest? For what?  It’s like Arsenal fielding what they call a reserve side in the Champions league semi finals, ati saving the big boys for the finals. What finals, it ain’t gonna happen!! Chances are, those are the only boys they have out there being mauled!!

    Just the thought that all those Kenyans died in vain and the people who should bear the largest portion of criminal and moral responsibility for the ethnicide are the leading candidates for ruling Kenya next speaks volumes about the Kenyan value system, or lack thereof!!!

    • You have a very short memory indeed. I know you are bitter that a certain name is missing from the accused but still that doesn’t vindicate the suspects. Some of us are aware of what happened on the ground – being the victims, see beyond that disgust you are wallowing in.

      • Even more disgusted

        @ John Doe

        Don’t know who taught you English.The disgusting part is that Ocampo did a shoddy job, and for that, he will turn out to be the guy that cleansed the suspects.And oh yes, they were 10 names on the Waki list, let’s have all of them!!If by certain name you mean Raila, then let me jog your long memory with the attached article and video clip.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/hardtalk/7193658.stmhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/newsa/n5ctrl/progs/08/hardtalk/odinga17jan.ram
        By the way, you were not the only one on the ground, there were many others, and some had direct updates on the events. Talk about command structure!!

        • Even more disgusted

          Here is the article http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/hardtalk/7193658.stm 
          and the clip