• Karanjaw2003

    ondinga stop panicking tuonane kwa 

  • Munduone

     You can’t have a better “Best Man” than Mudavadi, he will never rock the boat unfortunately he will be irrelevant in 2017 if that when he thinks RAO will reciprocate. Politics is very dynamic

  • Dito

    Raila, surely! That G7 will disintegrate is obvious even to a 3 yr old!!! No need for this to be news.

  • Chungwa limeoza mzee..nyamaza

  • Luwere

    The first sign of panic in any competition is a contestant that is constantly discussing what the other person does. Raila+Mudavadi has peaked at 30%.  

    Ingia retire mzee!

  • Annvalle

    The only hope for Raila is for them to disintegrate otherwise he is going to be selling mandazi in Kibera next year.

  • Anonymous

    I wish politicians would learn to read the peoples mind.we are tired of the same old politics.What we need at this time now is true leadership people who are working to makes the lives of people better.come next year.it will be a polical year then you can talk as much politics as we want.As members of parliaments your coming back to power will be determined by how well you will have performed for more true leadership click onhttp://www.tusijisunde.com/2011/harun-mwau-a-true-mutongoi-leader/

  • The Pot calling the Kettle black…..clean your house first and think of placating the numerous persons you have offended with your guile hypocrisy and constant spoiling for confrontations…