• Malema

    How can Africans just watch their leaders murdered by western forces because of jealousy, vegeancy and racism to conrol our resources? Gaddafi has a plan to estblish and fund African Monetary Fund, African Investment Bank, African Currency of all which he refused the poor western countries that wanted to have shares. The hatred originates from Gaddafi’s vision to make Africa independent. How can we allow this mess metted on our continent? Visit these so called rich countries, they are very poor. They do not have much. i wish Africans knew the truth about these envious countries. 

  • Juma

    Africa, you can not watch Gaddafi made look like a monster and be murdered by the colonialists when he has invested in our continent. Let us aid Gaddafi by providing him African military assistance. How long are we going to sit with our tails btween our legs when we are trampled over by western arrogance? Rise up, Africans and save our continent.