• J. Miriti

    Yes  Mr President, It is exactly “One year and a HUNDRED DAYS” after Kenyans elected you to replace Mr. D.T Arap Moi.We thank you fo fulfiling your promise of bringing our a new constituion in a “HUNDRED DAYS”Thumbs Up and Thanx His Exellency!!!


  • martin obongita

    We are living in the end times…wars, earthquakes, famine, hardships etc

    • Dito

      It’s true. These are not exciting times-there will be trouble like never ever experienced! But, we are not fear…don’t mean to preach…Cause God is & will still be in control.

  • Pete

    Indeed Mr President we’re living in exciting times. From colonialism through two dictators and now a thriving democracy.  Despite many hiccups, you’ve guided our country well through this transformation and you deserve congratulations too. If you keep off the ICC cases, your legacy is solid.

  • Amen Your Excellency – simba mwenda pole ndiye hula nyama mbichi – tell them you mastered this proverb!

  • Shakirha

    Indeed we’re living in exciting times. From scarcity of sugar,flour,petrol,insecurity etc

  • Dito

    Yeah, very exciting…..Yaaaaawn!

  • odm faithful

    indeed a shame to our country ,wasted opportunities to have stewardship,intergrity,honest leaders,taxable mps..focused govt polices,solutions to the myriad issues facing kenyans daily