0 thoughts on “BOLT-BUENOS-AIRES”

    Yes  Mr President, It is exactly “One year and a HUNDRED DAYS” after Kenyans elected you to replace Mr. D.T Arap Moi.We thank you fo fulfiling your promise of bringing our a new constituion in a “HUNDRED DAYS”Thumbs Up and Thanx His Exellency!!!


    1. It’s true. These are not exciting times-there will be trouble like never ever experienced! But, we are not fear…don’t mean to preach…Cause God is & will still be in control.

  2. Indeed Mr President we’re living in exciting times. From colonialism through two dictators and now a thriving democracy.  Despite many hiccups, you’ve guided our country well through this transformation and you deserve congratulations too. If you keep off the ICC cases, your legacy is solid.

  3. indeed a shame to our country ,wasted opportunities to have stewardship,intergrity,honest leaders,taxable mps..focused govt polices,solutions to the myriad issues facing kenyans daily

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