• Francis

    MS. Ambitho, this is the flaw in your logic,if 74% of Kenyans support gender parity-THEN THERE IS NO NEED FOR LEGISLATIVE  CURE-WOMEN CANDIDATES WILL BE ELECTED BY “SAME MARGIN”! Why would Kenyans hold two OPPOSITE views -SUPPORT/LOVE WOMEN SO MUCH AND CANNOT ELECT WOMEN IN AN OPEN ELECTION?Parity will not be achieved via a formula but by EDUCATION (FORMAL/CULTURAL/RELIGIOUS) so that our people see the light.My beef with the current provision is that it is FUNDAMENTALLY SELFISH/SELF-SERVING.For me parity will be achieved when the RURAL LADY/MY MOTHER/GRANDMA is empowered by having basic needs-CLEAN WATER/HEALTHY FOOD/MEDICAL SERVICES AND FREEDOM FROM MY GRANDFATHER’S UN-FAIRNESS.The so called “champions of women rights-the elite women “have no room for my cucu-type!They are the ones who will not spend a night in the village-men have been left behind in villages-you know what i mean-as the lady goes back to NAIROBI! In other words i see no value substituting my “grandfather” with a “LADY-GRANDFATHER MINUS THE DK”.Equality is not how many women/men are in positions but quality of services they offer-In fact if women will guarantee everyone security/perfect leadership then we need 100% women in leadership!We need to see beyond our noses-NOISE MAKING WILL NOT DO-THERE IS NO WAR-GENDER OR OTHERWISE-WE ALL NEED A FAIR/JUST SOCIETY.I want to hear these NAIROBI women fight to have an “illiterate mother/woman nominated to show them how her back is deformed by carrying water/firewood yet they will not welcome them in TOWN”.Our country is about 50yrs old now yet we have not build a reservoir of talented/educated/patriots to go around in every field-THAT IS WHY WE NEED THE FREEDOM TO ELECT THE “BEST OUT OF WHAT WE HAVE AND PUSH THEM TO PERFORM”-GENDER IS THE LEAST OF OUR PROBLEM TODAY UNLESS YOU WANT STD 3 ARGUMENTS!