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  1. The Prof is a polished lawyer and we hope he will not talk too much but concentrate on the full intray at the State Law office. Congrats

  2. Well, hand picked is the right word. The fellow is learned just like Betty Murungi,and given that the president can nominate anyone including his friends or tribe. But was this wasn’t any competitive and transparent manner.BTW is Uhuru related to Muigai?   RAO was cheated with posts of controller of budget/auditor general. Kibaki won this one.Lets see what the parliament does.

      1. They are Both a bunch of Tribalists.. and no one should act surprised on that, they have showed it through out the time they have been in power..

      2. Raila nomiunated a luhya & luo….Well, some may say same difference! But wow, Kibaki really is a tribalist!!!

      3. Raila nomiunated a luhya & luo….Well, some may say same difference! But wow, Kibaki really is a tribalist!!!

  3. Come on, serious horse trading here, lets rise up against the two gentlemen. Hati take 2 smaller posts and I take this other one………..come on

  4. sounding disappointed.., all i can say is this – To prof: (pointing two fingers at him).., we are so watching you..,

  5. Betty murungi should file a case on this attorney’s hand picking.There was no competitive process and that others were not given a chance.

    1. Betty is good but there is no way she was the better candidate that Githu. Her close association with Hon Orengo could be a cause of conflict of interest too!

      1. How about Githus Closeness to the president? wont that cause a conflict? in short you argument that Betty’s closeness would have been a cause for conflict is not Valid!

  6. Prof Muigai’s credentials speak for themselves. If we remove our ethnic lenses we will realise that he was way the best person for the job. 

  7. You cannot compare Harvard graduate versus Columbia Univ grad down at the Bronx. Come on guys. . Betty was the best choice

  8. this is total nonsense. parliament should reject all the nominees until due process is followed……………. their corrupt life perhaps. a vetting is needed for for the three. Kenyans must know them b4 they take office.

  9. Well as per the new constitution, the new AG does not have security of tenure, unlike Wako. Which means, should the next government not want him, he’s out! Looks like he’ll be a 1 year AG.

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