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  1. I remember Traffic department introducing a campaign aimed at making passengers authoritative while on board.
    I urge all passengers to speak out when they feel discomfort in the way they are being transported.
    Sincere condolences to the deceased.

  2. If the traffic police did the job they are paid to do and stopped just hassling motorists for money THEN maybe we could reduce the high number of accidents on the roads of Kenya. There are more police deployed on the roads stopping matatus and buses than doing anything else BUT the accidents continue. 
    It is time to make the police accountable – if any bus or matatu that has been through a police block in the past 24 hours has an accident due to poor driving, too many passengers, unserviceable vehicle etc then ALL the police on the blocks that have ‘checked’ out that vehicle should be held accountable and prosecuted for dereliction of duty if found wanting.

  3. Yesterday at about 7.30 pm I witnessed an overcrowded matatu which, I was following run over a man. It took off from Ruaka Limuru junction where it was not even supposed to stop took in more passengers and drove like mad. Within 60 meters of its stop it had run over a pedestrian and another life was lost. I witnessed all this because I was right behind the matatu. Government please reign in these mad matatu monsters.

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