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  1. It just stinks in this age and time to have the audacity to call on foreigners to make our laws. The same colonisers that instituted brutal and insidious laws that were metted on our people. It is tragic that we can forget this fast. What is this good in foreigners. They will take control on the Constitution’s interpretation and that is what matters most; to secure their interests. Do we inject our will in their laws and how they run their country? Why do we allow these mess over and over again. When will our country be free from domination.

      1. Both of you should read the law ! The president is simply going by what the constitution ordains. You cannot eat your cake and have it…if this is what most Kenyans wanted when we went to the referendum on the new constitution, so be it! Besides, the analogy made is misleading – the foreigners are 3 of the 9 members of a vetting board – they are not the ultimate decision makers as to who passes muster. We should not just complain about everything for the sake of it!

        1. It is either ignorance or just nationally incapacitated. Why is it that we have to have a foreign intrusion to feel whole? Are our laws meant to appease foreigners or is that foreigners have a stake in our Constitution? What agenda is behind this foreign inclusion. Only Africans go out of their way to appease and acccommodate other countries’ interests and you wonder why we are poor and confused as a country. Very sickening. The new generation will not this route.

          1. The point here is that a majority of Kenyans (a larger portion of whom were the young generation you refer to) voted for the constitution. We cannot now run away from what we chose! One agrees that we need to build a society that recognises, acknowledges and rewards talent within itself; one that trusts in the ability of its people. We are not yet there though. One only hopes that your optimism of the younger generation is justifiable, and that we shall move towards a country at peace with itself.

  2. Capital fm surely, How do you title an article as “FOREIGNERS’ Come on put some civility in writing.  Say International judges NOT foreigners!!!!!!!!!!!

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