• Cool_jonn

    I think this guy should have a clear understanding of what took him to parliament ” to represent the people of makadara”, this side shows are just childish and a waste of time. The time the MP’s took to discuss his dress code, am sure it was enough to discuss a Bill. Mr. Mbuvi  should understand that he is earning a salary that comes from the tax payer and hence he should do what is required of him and thus stop wasted other honorable members time.

    Johnny form Austin Texas

  • most of mps are corrufft,they egange in bad behaviour at night,while sonko,is just wearing,stud comme on guys,utumwa nimbaya kuliko,kipo,the europeans,brought all manner of characters to us,who was wearing tie in 1800? in africa your all bushmen those days,now,utumwa ati,mbungeni,hoi,nyinyi,wapotopu,let elect more youthful,mps we wonna change this old,mentality,thats why i like Chief,mutunga,hes a man,shungeni basi weshimiwa munaukuja Hague winter,kuna baridi,ukivaa hizo suti za kenya utaimia.bure kabisa-ukoloni mentality

    • Mimi Mkenya si Mkabila

      We ni mshamba kama jina lako tu. Is wearing a stud a sign of mental enslavement? I think you are one of those learned fellows who is not educated. Ethics demands respect of law no matter how much it appears ridiculous. Sonko has demonstrated that he is clearly wanting in his respect of law.

  • Are his constituents as shallow as him? Just askin..after all he is their elected ‘representative’

  • Latonesha

    Would the CJ be kicked out too?