• Let the MPs pay their taxes without such unnecessary complaints. Kenyans whom these MPs purport to represent pay their taxes without much ado. They do this as a national duty knowing that it’s the right thing to do as citizens. A leader should try by all means to show leadership by example. What does it tell about the characters of these MPs whose main agenda is simply to loot the public treasury? I want to believe that these MPs fully read the constitution before hitting the road for support. Otherwise, we have wrong guys in our parliament! Even a small child should have already known that paying taxes in a civil duty. In developed countries, one cannot seek any public office if it’s found he/she has failed to remit taxes to the government; on the same breath, if you are already in office and fails to pay taxes, you will be forced to resign! Whether the churches, NGO’s or any other organization that we don’t know of have not been paying taxes, that’s not the issue we want to deal with now. We want all these members who CHEATED their way into parliament to pay taxes! These people should know that all Kenyans are united on this issue; the more they try our resolve, the more they provoke us to even barricade the gates of parliament. To say the least, these people are a disgrace to our society. We are tired of unnecessary sideshows yet they earn more than MPs in America or Europe – yet Kenya is a begging country!

  • KRA ,I hope you are still compounding interest on the tax arrears as these morons continue with their foolish engagement with what is very clear in the constitution.MPs should know that paying tax is an individual responsibility and not a collective one. Two things in life are certain..DEATH and TAXES.!

    • Latonesha

      And just like death, they wont get away with it. They better pay up now when they are still earning this immoral huge salaries, because they will be pursued individually even after being voted out of parliament!

  • apache

    Honoroble members you make the laws right but you cannot purport to interprete the same law. if you feel really aggrieved go to High Court instead of threatening KRA – an institution that has done this country proud. Remember your employers (common mwananchi) are paying taxes. so honourable MPs chest thumping will take you no where, we are watching you and especially the spokepersons and the so called 15 member committee. Watch this space

  • Latonesha

    KRA, incase you need any assistance in lynching these goons-of course after pursuing them right under their beds to pay taxes- you know how to reach me. My number is 07**3***6*!