Moyes fears for British bosses


MOYES-HORRORLONDON, June 9- Former Manchester United manager David Moyes believes it is critical that Brendan Rodgers continues to achieve success at Liverpool in coming seasons.

While most of the managers in the Premier League are British, Moyes has expressed concerns about the limited opportunities afforded to local coaches at the best performing clubs in the league. The former United boss feels the future of British managers at the top teams could well be determined by what Rodgers manages to achieve in coming seasons.

At this juncture, Rodgers is the only Brit managing a top eight club in England and as a result Moyes fears for the future of local coaches.

“To do a top job, I believe you have to earn your stripes,” Moyes told told journalists this week.

“The route through to the top for a British manager is a long process and maybe having a job abroad and getting recognised for your work there, might be the way in the future,” added Moyes, who is currently on the market for a managerial post.

“But I hope I won’t be the last one to be given a chance to manage one of the top ones.”

“Brendan has come in and with the time he’s been given has been able to turn round Liverpool and I think it’s really important for British managers that he’s done that,” explained Moyes.

“Brendan was given the opportunity and because of that Liverpool have a good future. Tony Pulis also showed what our managers can do (having rescued Crystal Palace from relegation danger).

“I hope I’m not the end of British managers getting opportunities at the top.”