• apache

    A heinous act done by a man of the cloth, he was old and holy enough to do the heinous act now he can live with the consequences – a life sentence in jail. That serves him well. As for the young boy counselors should continue advising him to slowly outgrow the trauma.

  • Bethlizab

    very sad story.  The pastor should be sodomised with a hot iron before he starts his sentence

  • Mboco

    Life in jail serves him well, but I think also needs to be castrated! Can’t imagine the beast sodomising other inmates in jail!

  • Ibrahimadow

    this is the worst crime  he should be executed and his body burned into ashes

  • Natfy

    they are the lion in the sheep skin he should be hanged

  • That’s why we should not trust clergymen

  • Letingeliud65

    He has been paid the full wages of his sin-LIFE SENTENCE