0 thoughts on “MULLER-KAZAKSTAN”

    1. It’s a step in the right direction ! I just wonder how can they open an unmarked highway ? here in Europe nobody would think of doing that, all markings and signage have to be in place before a road is opened to the public.

  1. Are they going to mark the lanes any time soon, It’s very confusing trying to keep a vehicle on a particular lane.

  2. i hate to say it but matatus and reckless private car drivers will be the end of kenyans on that road not forgetting the overloaded crawling lorries!!! how many times do we have to overtake on the left of a lorry! on a super highway its only death that will await if you do that

  3. funny, why sell the booklet? this is important info which needs to be imparted to every motorist and pedestrian at no cost at all, dont sell the booklet, make it available to the public free of charge, otherwise it would just be another business idea.

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