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‘Old Eto’o’ feels as strong as an Ox


ETOO-SCHALKELONDON, England, May 22-Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o feels he can still make a meaningful contribution to European football, despite there being suggestions that he is in the twilight of his career.

Earlier this year there was considerable controversy after Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho questioned the Cameroonian impact due to his advancing years. Eto’o subsequently criticised Mourinho, calling him a fool and more recently a puppet.

“Contrary to what a puppet says about my age, I am still physically fit,” Eto’o told the Confederation of African Football’s official website.

Eto’o made 16 starting appearances for the Chelsea in the league last season and scored nine goals in those matches, which was perfectly adequate under the circumstances.

Eto’o does not feel that he did not deliver this season, adding that he would still be able to make an impact in Europe if he was given an opportunity.

“At 33, I feel real good. I have proven that I could do better than youths,” said the Cameroonian striker.

“I wish to also say that I am not going to the United States or to the Middle East. I will continue at the top level. I will continue to play the Champions League.

“My romance with this competition is far from over. I will not tell you where, but I will be at the top level. I am 33 and I have two World Cups to play. Before me there are other players who went on until the age of 41. So I can continue.”