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Injury prone Diaby almost quit


DIABY-GUNNERSLONDON, England, May 6-Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby has admitted that he considered retiring from football after suffering further injury setbacks this season.

The Frenchman is hoping to make his first appearance of the campaign when Arsenal take on Norwich on Sunday in their final league fixture.

Having previously been hampered by various injuries, it is a knee injury that has kept Diaby out of action since March of last year.

After being named among the replacements when Arsenal beat West Brom on Sunday, Diaby is hopeful of making a cameo this coming weekend.

“I would have loved to play 10 minutes this weekend,” the 28-year-old told L’Equipe of his desire to play again.

“I was counting substitutions: one, two, and three. There was big desire. I am ready. Anyway I am already happy to have reached this point.”

Looking back over his injury-plagued career, Diaby concedes that there were times when he thought about hanging up his boots.

“It has been the longest absence of my whole career,” he explained. “You ask yourself if you are still a football player.

“You think about giving up. I told myself: I am fed-up. I quit!

“I talked to my parents, brothers, sisters and friends. Then, one day I woke up: no, out of the question to quit.

“I am a believer and in my belief despair doesn’t exist. Moreover I am only 28-year-old. I still have five, six years remaining, maybe more.”