• emunenen

    I’m a great respector other people’s time and also my own. I’m aware of all the good and important thing money does and can accomplish, no government, institution or even a church that can remain open without money. I however completely disagree that we should acquire “Love for Money” leave alone teach anyone to do so…have you seen a man/woman in love? they will do crazy things, they wont care where they are legal or not…they dont act out of logic/widom but out of infactuation, even highly educated individuals. I dont want such an attitude towards money. It will hurt alot of people and eventually yourself. The Bible which is my authority says “the love of money is the root of all evil” it’s not the money which is evil but the infuctuated attitude towards money. And when you tell people to run away from a church that teaches against the LOVE of money, you are asking them to join a cult because if they aren’t following the bible they are in error. In conclusion, I have studied may men and women who have made alot of money, who have done great thing to humanity with their money, and mentored numerous people to get wealthy yet in their attitude and on interviews they never exhibited or promoted the love of money. Many of these arent even Christians. Everything you said about time, I absolutely agree, through out His time on earth the Lord Jesus kept teaching His disciples to redeem time, and by His example you can see what He accomplised in just 3 years. I hope you will take my arguement softly without reading mischief.