2 thoughts on “ERITREA-PLAYERS”

  1. Mr. Kirubi, as a young entrepreneur and business advisor, my main question to you is how are you able to integrate and balance your business ventures as you have a noticeably wide array of portfolios and investments ranging from real estate to the media to agribusiness?

  2. Hello Joe, thank you so much for your question. First and foremost, dedication. I remain dedicated to each and every venture I am involved in. I also make sure I employ the right people to manage my business. As an employer, nothing gives you more satisfaction than knowing your business is well taken care of and every strategy is executed in line with the company’s vision. I also involve myself with what is happening but I do not dictate. It’s good to let Management exercise their freedom in decision making. All this helps me focus on avenues of growth as well as other investment opportunities. I hope I answered you my friend.

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