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Flamini banned from cutting sleeves


JONES-FLAMINILONDON, England, November 27- Mathieu Flamini has been banned from cutting the sleeves off his match jersey after flouting a club tradition for the second successive game.

Arsenal players are expected to wear the same length sleeve as the match-day captain, but Flamini refused to abide by the unwritten rule, cutting off his sleeves at the elbow for the clash against Marseille.

Flamini did the same thing in Arsenal’s previous game; the defeat against Manchester United earlier this month.
Former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon urged Flamini to abide by the club’s traditions even though he preferred to wear short sleeves during his Gunners career.

He tweeted: “I used to like to wear short sleeves too. I wore same as captain. Club tradition must remain at all costs.

“Rodders (Tony Adams) used to ask the players. Vote. If it was long then I rolled up after kick off.’
His decision sparked an angry confrontation between the Gunners kit staff and Flamini.

But Wenger insisted Flamini would not be allowed to break the club tradition again.

-By Daily Mail
Wenger said: “I don’t like that, it won’t happen again.”

However, speaking after the game Flamini seemed defiant in his intention to continue with wearing short sleeves.

“I’ve been playing at the top level for 10 years and I like to wear short sleeves,” said the former AC Milan midfielder. “It is what I like.”

Olivier Giroud also had short sleeves, though in his case the French striker had rolled them up rather than snipped them off.