One thought on “STIG-BLOMQVIST”

  1. I am from Ukraine and I have lived in the US for 27 years. Ukrainians have no idea what they are getting into. They have deluded, rosy, unrealistic perception of what western style of life looks like. Let me put it down as briefly as I can: For vast majority of people western life is work, work, work and more work… It is work that empties your soul, cripples your body and dulls your mind, it is never-ending work for pennies and under constant brainwashing how noble is this slavery. You either live from paycheck to paycheck or in constant debt… Millions work without any health coverage and stay perpetually sick due to conditions they work in. Your boss is your owner, you can’t speak you mind ever, you can’t contradict, you have to obey and smile for perpetual fear of dying in the street. You shove you kids in day-care, your parents in nursing-home and work your shift, double-shift, overtime, weekends, and work some more just to survive. You have no friends, you women think only of money, you have no life but mad desire to climb to the top of income ladder over destroyed, emptied, exhausted lives of others. By accepting IMF help you selling yourself, your children and your country into perpetual slavery… where you work from cradle to the grave to enrich bloodsuckers and slave-drivers on top. You think you know what Hell is? Just wait, Americans are coming!

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