2 thoughts on “RONALDO-SWEDEN-2”

  1. Rather than been proactive and attempting to address the issues internally as well,the hospitality industry has resorted to the simplest way of responding by bleating.Reduce your prices,better efficieny,better training,multitask,better management and become a leaner,smoother,more productive and hence profitable unit.
    It is cheaper to fly out of the country than it is to go to the kenya coast without utilising a deal available as such.Surely that is the crux of the matter.Make the coast a tourism destination available for all,all the time rather than only for a special ocassion for which Kenyans save up for months.
    As a child we used to bunk school,get the train and stay in cheap hotels and visit the game parks that has all disappeared in this crazy commercial rush to screw every tourist in sight.With game parks hitting $90 for entry your driivng tourists away from Kenya.
    Wake up before it is too late.Get some proper brutal achievers.

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