• JJMkenya

    where is the farm? did not quite get it

    • Chris Kirubi

      It’s in Thika

  • isaac karita

    Good work Chris..Am inspired..

  • Killion Makinda

    Chris am inspired a lot by you. I am a sales rep and am enjoying my job a lot. I meet a lot of people daily and that widens my networking. One day, i believe i will own an empire just like you. I die of meeting you even for a minute. That will be enough for me.

    • Chris Kirubi

      Keep focusing on that dream and do all it takes to get there. Maybe one day we shall meet. have a good day my friend.

  • Shaf Shafi

    It’s so so sad for the ordinary Kenyan farmer; if the multi billionaire CK can lament like that that about the woes of a coffee farmer, I shudder to think what the man/woman in the “gichagi” is feeling about this crop. I hope all the efforts by the Nyeri & Meru governors on coffee marketing will come to fruition.

  • dan kiige

    Thanks Chris for the tour. I happen to have been involved in the Environmental Impact Assessment for a proposed dam in Bendor Farm. I hope it’s the one am seeing. Lovely.

    • Chris Kirubi

      It is… Hopefully we will meet up soon.

  • Much Jeremy

    Very refreshing, thanks for sharing. Very inspirational.

    • Chris Kirubi

      You are welcome.

  • Anthony

    I like the inspiration and the direction you have taken in encouraging coffee farmers.

  • paul ndungu

    Quite inspiring Chris, wish you all the best in your take over bid for Rea Vipingo

  • Gordon Price

    Marvellous.I am truly inspired.Chris and his ‘friend’ Strive Masiyiwa are my role models

  • frank wokabi

    so helpful to us youth,we need to make an extra step to better our lives..it was once said that i better live the way many won’t for now but later live the way many have dreamt of

    • Frank Wokabi

      Thanx Chris for sharing,truly there is ‘no excuse’ mindset in successful enterpreneurship

  • Alphonse Nzioka

    what can you start with 50k capital

  • kennedy maina

    am so inspired by what you are doing for our country…i also happen to have a true passion in farming. i have met your business partner Mr Polycap and i also hope to meet you in

  • Evywaff

    Love him or Hate him,this man is several cuts above your regular businessman.His an inspiration.

  • Jwatheka

    Thanks Chris for sharing this, you are indeed a great leader who wants to impact the society through your sharing of information in-order for one to take steps in the right direction i.e.production for growth. I trust to meet you one day. Great leader! this is being selfless. That’s what we need in this great country! Thanks again.


    Hi Mr. Kirubi. Didn’t know you were a farmer. Have grown up under the umbrella of ‘coffee farming’ in Nyeri seeing my parents struggle through it, and now, WE, the children, are the ones struggling through it!! Talk about history repeating itself…!! All the same, thanks for sharing on your farming business. It’s good to hear from a Mogul on the challenges and experiences of farming, even though you are in a better ‘position’ to get your your farm to the level you need to deal in (no pun intended). However, it’s about growth… moving from level to level. Just got into farming personally last year, and learning lots from it. It’s actually really exciting. All the same, God bless, and wish you all the best in your business.

  • Kinyua

    Chris…sometimes back specifically in September 1998 immediately after completing my Degree in Agriculture…I came to your office at International House, I was not allowed in but was asked to write a note to you which I did, and I week later I received a letter signed by Chris Kirubi himself…..and told me you ‘don’t deal with agriculture at all’. Well Im glad to see now you are in agriculture which is an industry requiring higher investment, technological innovation and greater investments in processing and market development. With CK as one of the farmers we need to attract more….it is a shame that Kenya is a country which imports almost everything… Keep up!!