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Kilifi set for rally speed monsters


ALISTAIR-CAVENAGHKILIFI, Kenya, November 1- Notwithstanding soaring temperatures, Kilifi County was abuzz with activity as preparations for KCB Rally hit a crescendo.

On Friday, drivers and navigators went through rigorous reconnaissance in Ganze and Bamba regions where they had a feel of the route course whilst team managers and mechanics were at Concord Motors in Kilifi town for the final checks.

Gurvir Bhabra, one of the technical officials in Kilifi Rally had a hectic session just to ensure the safety and requisite aspects in all rally cars conformed to the National Competition Rules.

For a driver to be allowed to rally, it’s a prerequisite that all safety requirements like roll bars and helmets among others are spot on and conform to the racing standards.

“Scrutineers ensure all rules are adhered to in as far as safety is concerned. Helmets, FIA approved three layer fireproof suits are some of the things we are keen on.

“We also ensure that cars conform to the required standards of whichever class they are entering,” said Gurvir.

The hills around Bamba and Ganze will reverberate with the roar of turbo-charged machines as action gets underway oN Saturday.

Two-times former KNRC champion, Alastair Cavenagh, multiple titleholder Carl “Flash” Tundo and veteran Azar Anwar are among notable absentees.

Six-time champion Ian Duncan who is being navigated by Amaar Slatch in Mitsubishi EVO 9 leads the seasoned charge where he is favoured to clinch second spot in the duel against newly minted champion, Baldev Chager.

Manvir Singh Baryan (Subaru N16), Rajbir Rai (EVOX), Peter Horsey in the “Moto Moto” Datsun pickup, his bother Alex Horsey in an EVOX and Jassi Chatthe are the featured youngsters causing ripples in the circuit who will be involved.

Rajbir, son of legendary Sarbi Rai, has enjoyed quite a good and reliable run in the top 10 and will be hoping to up his ante at the coast.

The coast brigade has 11 drivers among them the Horsey siblings Alex and Peter, Harpreet Sagoo, Naushad Kara Lota, Manmeet Singh, Victor Okundi, Yusuf Pasta, Farhan Khan, Janmohamed Abdulatif, Rob Hellier and Izhar Mirza.

The Mombasa Motor Club (MMC) organized event will feature two all female crew in the Haraka Mamas-Joan Nesbit and Dr Tamara Jones as well as Philys Wambui and Linet Ayuko in a Subaru GC8.

Other ladies expected to feature in the event are Bella Erskine who will be navigating Peter Horsey and Tash Di Cangio who is calling pace-notes for his father Frank Tundo.

Frank a veteran of the Safari Rally will be driving his son’s Evo9.


Quentin Mitchell/Harry Green (Subaru Impreza N16)
Baldev S. Chager/Onkar Rai (Porsche 911)
Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch (Mitsubishi EVO9)
Peter Horsey/Bella Erskine (Datsun “Moto Moto” Pickup)
Alex Horsey/Nicholas Dames (EVOX)
Jaspreet S. Chatthe/Gurdeep Panesar (EVOX)
Izhar Mirza/Kavit Dave (EVO9)
Manvir S. Baryan/Drew Sturrock (Subaru N16)
Rajbir Rai/Supee Soin (EVOX)
Frank Tundo/Natasha Di Cangio (EVO9)
Jasmeet Chana/Rohit Bhudia (EVO9)
Farhaaz Khan/Tauseef Khan (Subaru N10)
Asad Anwar/Kashif Shaikh (EVO7)
Hardeep S. Rehsi/Jaspal Matharu (EVO9)
Issa Amwari/Job Njiru (EVO9)
Tejvir Rai/Zahir Shah (Subaru N16)
Alasdair Keith/Tariq Maliq (Subaru Impreza)
Anwar Pandya/Falgun Bhojak (Subaru N10)
Jaswinder Chana/Ravi Chana (Toyota Celica GT4)
Aakif Virani/Vinay Shah (Subaru N16)
Don Smith/Bob Kaugi (Subaru N14)
Manmeet “Vicky” Singh/ Adil Mirza (Subaru N10)
Adin Haq/Sturat Cohen (Range Rover Ebowler)
Dennis Mwenda/Edward Njoroge (Toyota Sprinter GT)
Asad Khan/Arshad Khan (Porsche 911)
Rob Hellier/Mike Huth (Datsun 160J)
Davinder Saimbi/Gurdeep “Dipps” Mehangra (Subaru N16)
Stanley Thuo/Mwangi Waithaka (Subaru pickup)
Dalbir Thethy/Julius Mwachuya (Toyota Conquest)
Charan Thethy/James Mwangi Harrison (Daewoo Cielo)
Hardev Singh Sira/Jasneil Ghataure (Ford Escort Mexico)
Leonardo Varese/Kigondu Kareithi (Toyota Corolla RSI)
Steven Mwangi/Steven Nyorri (Subaru N10)
Victor Okundi/Tuta Mionki (Toyota Vitz)
Phyllis Wambui/Linet Ayuko (Subaru Impreza)
Joan Nesbitt/Tamara K. Jones (Toyota Tercel)
Hussein Malik/Steven Njenga (Subaru Impreza)
Janmohamed Abdullatiff/Farzin Janmohamed (Subaru)
Naushad Kara Lota/Adnan Din (Subaru N12)
Farhan Khan “Don”/Thabit Khandwalla (Subaru GC8)
Eric Njogu/Tonny Kimondo (Subaru Legacy)
Yusuf Pasta/Vinay Shah (Subaru Forester)
Harpreet S. Sagoo “Hapz”/Gurveer Bhabra (Subaru Legacy)


1. Baldev Chager 490
2. Carl Tundo 330
3. Ian Duncan 320
4. Azar Anwar 270
5. Quentin Mitchell 195

1. Jaspreet Chatthe 380
2. Frank Tundo 325
3. Manvir Baryan 190
4. Izhar Mirza 180
5. Onkar S. Rai 180

1. Jasmeet Chana 430
2. Rajbir Rai 340
3. Tejvir Rai 240
4. Farhaaz Khan 225
5. Jaswinder Chana 201

1. Jaswinder Chana 380
2. Alasdair Keith 340
3. Mahesh Halai 310
4. Alex Horsey 220
5. Stanley Thuo 165

1. Aslam Khan 90
2. Hardev Sira 84
3. Malcom Destro 57
4. Ramesh Vishram 54
5. Rob Hellier 36
1. Dennis Mwenda 82
2. Dalbir Thethy 53
3. Sammy Nyorri 49
4. Adnan Suheil 40
5. Joan Nesbitt 33