3 thoughts on “LINESMAN-SMOKE”

  1. Why is Saudi Arabia buying all these expensive jet fighters & armaments? Is it ,at last , ready to counter the Zionist/Iseraeli threat in its neighbourhood? Or will Saudi Arabia now stand up & come to the aid of millions of Muslims being oppressed in E.Africa,CAR,Mali,Nigeria etc??

  2. Middle East is the unstable region. They need national security. It is the world’s richest country because of its abundant petroleum resources. So they have enough financial ability to afford to its expenses. The most important reason is strengthen the ties between UK and Saudi Arabia. UK is still among the most powerful country all over the world but also the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. They need the cooperation of UK in most important international issue.

    1. ” Middle East is an unstable region” ,because USA& Europeans betrayed the Arabs , took money from Zionist Jews & helped them evict Palestinians from their land& homes, to set up ‘an Apartheid Colony’ on stolen land & called it “Israel”. ‘Rich ‘Arabs were black-mailed by USA & UK ,& told not to take action to help Palestinians. ‘Israel’ is the root cause of instability in the Mid-East. All this Arab money is spent on ‘armaments’ which will not be allowed to be used against ‘Israel’.. What a waste of money1
      By the way,stop day-dreaming about “UK…is a …powerful country’. They are merely USA’s running-dogs . Uwongo mtupu! .

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