• Emily .B.

    Good morning. The article you have written is insightful and real. Many young graduates have completed studies in research and development and have no jobs and the capital to begin entrepreneurial businesses. In the recent past, i went to apply for a loan with the Youth Enterprise Fund. Now there are terms and conditions. You have to be in groups and must have began a business that has generated a substantial amount of capital then, you can be given a loan. What about those who do not have the capital? There are so many graduates who have applied online for jobs that seem not to exist hoping to begin working first, then generate enough capital to start another business later in life. Where do we begin as the youth if we have nothing to start with, no jobs or motivation?

  • Nyakio

    As we are hoping that the govt will get this together. Mine is what are you doing as DJ CK to assist this movement? it begins with one person & you have the influence to make a difference. I believe Agri-business is the next frontier for Kenya & we need People like you who have seen the need to start creating some momentum.